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Game over for UKIP?

Hey UKIP, this is awkward!

Quite possibly my favourite newspaper headline ever.  Awkward reading for UKIP supporters indeed – conclusive proof that recent immigrants pay more into the UK economy than they take out.  Not only that, but hidden at the bottom of this article is the equally important detail that a recent IPSOS Mori poll found that Brits believe there are twice as many immigrants as there really are.  In reality it’s only 13%.

Incredible how quickly propaganda spreads and how deeply ingrained it can become in the psyche.  Sadly it’s still much easier to mobilise people around hate than around hope.  I’d settle for mobilising them around reality!  It’s our responsibility to share the facts just as widely and they circulate their propaganda.  Let’s discredit UKIP and banish them to the dustbins of history alongside the BNP.




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